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Logistics knowledge
(A) the concept of air transport  
air superiority unmatched by other transport. Delivery speed, transport safety, simplify packaging saves packaging costs.  
air freight is calculated by W/M way, but its weight is 6000 cubic centimeters in volume ratio of 1 kilograms (6 m/metric ton), so actual shipping cost is calculated in units of kg.  
air freight is generally higher, but the large size, light weight cargo by air more profitable. And calculate the starting point is lower than sea freight by air, delivering fast and on time. Small pieces of goods, fresh merchandise, seasonal goods and precious commodities suitable for air transport is used.  
air transport includes scheduled airline, Charter transportation, Consolidation and air express services.  
a. Transport flight   flight
transportation (Scheduled Airline) refers to the fixed time of departure, routes and aircraft of the docking station. Usually passenger hybrid airplane, small cargo capacity, freight rates are more expensive, but because the duration fixed, to arrange the delivery of fresh goods, or much-needed goods.  
b. Charter transport  
Charter transport (Chartered Carrier) refers to the airline in accordance with the contract conditions and rates, to rent the whole plane to one or several Charter (Charter refers to the shippers or air freight proxy company) from one or several air shipment to specified destinations. Charter transport suitable for the transport of bulk goods, rates lower than the flight, but the delivery time is longer than the flight.  
c. Consolidation  
Consolidation (Consolidation) can take a flight or Charter transport refers to air freight forwarders will be several separate shipments of cargo into a delivery to the airline, fill out a master air waybill to the same destination, and then distributed by the local agents for each actual consignee. This method of shipping, and reduces shipping costs, is one of the primary tasks of the air cargo agent.  
d. aviation express business  
aviation express business (Air Express Service) is by express company and airlines cooperation, to owner provides of express service, its business including; by fast company sent hand from shipping people at extraction goods Hou to most fast flights will goods out shipped, fly arrived destination Hou, by hand received machine delivery, completed into shut procedures Hou directly served consignee, called "table to table transport" (Desk to Desk Service)。 This is one of the most efficient mode of transport, particularly suitable for various supplies and documentation.  
foreign trade enterprises to handle air transportation, needs the air transport company as its agents, responsible for the export of the delivery, documentation, customs clearance and shipping jobs. The client should complete the international shipment of goods, well will relevant documents delivery of air cargo agents, air cargo agents after delivery to the airline made issued by the airline air waybill, carrier began. Airlines to responsible for during the transportation of the goods in good condition.  
goods at the destination, the consignee of arrival notices issued by airlines to take delivery.  
(ii) express different from air express   Express
effectiveness is higher than air express, freight than air express cargo volume is less than air express.  
express mode of transport is a cloverleaf, aviation, railway, highway and waterway transport, goods delivery area wide, transit, distribution through the second-and third-tier station. Delivery of goods will arrive in the country. Although courier low operating costs, timely completion of delivery of the goods, but due to the increased flow of goods link, a safety factor is lower than air express.  
air express mode of transport can only be air. The flow of goods between two points of delivery in urban areas. Required level II, and level III transfer, distribution of the delivery area, generally dominated by auto transport to deliver, without relay. B transport costs are relatively high. For operations of large, fragile.