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China's express delivery market is rising to second place in the world is expected to Super beauty

express delivery industry, China News Agency, Beijing, January 9 2014 years ago third-quarter business income and business volume reached 229.41 billion yuan (RMB, same below) and 255.58 billion yuan, an increase of 23.9% and 34.3%, the size of the market rose to second place in the world. 2014 after the data for the year and is likely to overtake United States as the world's first.

This is 9th said information obtained from the China General Chamber of Commerce expert group.

in 2014, the domestic express service in China continue to maintain rapid growth in the trade and logistics industry as a whole in a single show. According to statistics from China's General Post Office, as of October 20, China courier service enterprises to accumulated business volume exceeded 10 billion, surpassing the 2013 annual business volume of 9.2 billion. China express 1 billion growth in business volume from 2006 to 2013, 9.2 billion, annual growth as high as 37.3%.

analysis of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of strategic research center of circulation industry of Finance Assistant Professor Hao said China National courier service enterprises to accumulated business breakthrough baiyijian business behind and high growth figures, in recent years, two major driving force for express delivery industry, grew rapidly. One is "reform dividend", 2009 implementation of the People's Republic of China postal law to undertakings licensed way to let go of the private courier service, national postal monopoly situation in the express industry was broken, the legal status of private express delivery companies has been established. Due to system mechanism obstacles was cleaning, private Express Enterprise as have sprung up like of quickly development grow; II is network shopping fast development, 2014 years Qian three quarter, social consumer retail total in the only limit above units online retail sales on reached has 288.8 billion yuan, growth has 54.8%, plus limit following enterprise of online sales, and network C2C sales, network purchased total of huge growth became express business "bursting" of main pushing.

China's express delivery industry, private express delivery companies operating strength has been greatly enhanced, become the dominant force. Spb Development Research Center together with Deloitte China industry development report released by 2014, according to the 2013 private courier business in China has reached 79% per cent.

experts pointed out that China's express delivery industry, urban and rural areas, without discrimination cover, regional balanced development, changing markets at home and abroad through open, will be one to watch for the development of the logistics industry in the future.

experts caution that facing the new situation, trade and logistics, including the express industry enterprises in addition to increase the use of meticulous management, enhance the level of information, improve operational efficiency, in particular to raise the system of competition ability.

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