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Courierpost large shipment processing center located in the city EMS will be more

the reporter learned yesterday, Liu Ting Street, Chengyang district is located in the postal courier logistics warehouse project was completed last week. As a postal courier on the Shandong peninsula in China building one by one large shipment processing center, the project will built the radiation of the Shandong peninsula and the Bohai rim area.

projects with a total investment of 300 million Yuan, total construction area of 36,000 square meters, the main courier mail processing center and Logistics Center. After the project is completed, mainly engaged in domestic and international express mail services (EMS) business, international surface mail and postal logistics services. Estimated annual turnover of 200 million Yuan, realizing taxes of 10 million Yuan. Helps to reduce the area of the peninsula not only express logistics costs, while putting in a lot of modern equipment to improve mail processing information, limitation of express parcels will also be further promoted, this invention to be more the norm. In short, the future people sent by EMS express delivery will be faster and cheaper.

at present, the human sort of mail processing is still a common phenomenon. With the establishment of express mail processing center operations, postal EMS processing degree of mechanization and Informationization, Qingdao will quickly improve, that will help EMS Bao to greater advantage, e-mail e-commerce products to occupy markets. Investor of this project, said postal EMS mail processing center to purchase a large parcel sorters, letter sorting machines and other modern equipment, these costs occupy the bulk of total investment. However, once you realize the informatization of mail processing, the whole city, Qingdao City, EMS mail-handling capacity will be greatly enhanced.

it is understood that the postal communication network in the country, in Shandong province, a total of 5 two-level postal centers, Qingdao City Post Office is one of international mail Exchange Office and Exchange, is one of the important mail distribution center in East China. Currently, China post in Nanjing built has Asia maximum of aviation Express Logistics Center, again plus to Beijing, and Shanghai and Guangzhou for Center of ring Bohai area, and long triangle area, and Pearl River Delta mail processing center, Qingdao post express processing center into this a network Hou, will achieved national range within express logistics operation of speed, and highlight Qingdao in peninsula urban agglomeration and blue economic zone of status, conducive to optimization China Post fast network structure, and adjustment and transformation express production job process, Improve EMS postal service quality and market competitiveness.