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Shun Feng Haitao online playing limited time sale

on January 9, at 9 o'clock in the morning today, SF transportation imports its e-commerce website "Shun Feng Haitao" ( during the test run for half a month after the official launch.
Shun Feng Haitao is sale Mall with a combination of model categories include on baby products, food, health care, beauty care, and products are mainly from Europe, America, Australia, Japan, South Korea and new. According to the introduction on the page, the site officially launched, there are 3 daily specials in limited activities, all commodity prices on the website include tax.

according to the website, Shun Feng Haitao consolidated overseas e-commerce Web site, warehousing and logistics, international payment resources international, all merchandise from overseas direct mining. Logistics on Aging, United States, Europe, Japan and Australia routes normally take about 15 working days, warehousing of goods in Hong Kong are only 7-10 days, Shun Feng Express for domestic distribution by section. In payment, Shun Feng Haitao have access to PayPal, users will automatically jump to PayPal after payment confirmation page.

However, at present, Shun Feng Haitao website very limited number of goods, show page is relatively "crude", only as "limited-time sale" and "speed Hai Tao" two channels. Also, because the site is not set up shopping cart, consumers can have only a single product orders.

as early as in early November last year, SF is pushing the "Alexander" to light Ocean Tao project, on December 26, "Shun Feng Haitao" revealing the truth, into the testing phase. According to the website, as prior to the formal launch, there are 350,000 registered users during the test.

in fact, from the beginning of 14, Shun Feng Hai Tao business did a lot of layout. As early as April 14, Shun Feng launched against individuals buy Feng Yun Hai Tao consumer TRANS-sea (Sfbuy), and launched in August 2014, overseas purchase, purchase of business-oriented "global Shun" logistics products. Meanwhile, Shun Feng Suyun also include the United States watches discount Mall cooperation foreign e-commerce website, Ashford, China opened direct mail business.

in addition, in November last year, another business owned by SF "Shun Feng optimization" also introduced a "preferred international", to imports of milk powder for the main product is first cut into the e-commerce market, and claim that will expand the category to health products, food and so on.